first game

2009-05-07 10:08:32 by Wooks

my first game is finished. it isn't a big succes, but it passed the newgrounds evaluation and it came through. The fun thing is that i learned a lot from it and with this knowledge, the next one will be way better then this one.

I'm thinking of making a tetris next.
but we'll see what it becomes.

greets, Demian

A New Start

2009-04-21 15:11:27 by Wooks

Today i made the decision of starting a game company that gets it money out of the revenue of flash games. I won't be making any revenue soon, but at least i am installing flash again at the moment.

it has been 3 years since i last used flash, but i did complete DAE in the meantime so it should be no problem picking it up again.

Let's do this!


2007-08-09 11:30:02 by Wooks


I like me,